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about apreciado 

At Apreciado, we are committed to organic farming practices with minimal environmental impact. Our vineyards are located at approximately 2,300 feet of altitude, organically farmed and extract only low yields. We use only organic compost and excluded the use of chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers). No sulfites are added at any point.     

The grapes are hand harvested at night. After a traditional vinification with no winemaking additives, the wine is aged in French and American oak for 4 months. Then naturally clarified, with no stabilization. No sulfites are added during the winemaking process. 

Winemaker, Fernando Santos takes pride in using such exacting methods to elaborate Apreciado. He values the hard work of the winery and passion it has to spread the world of wine.


APRECIADO TEMPRANILLO - no added sulfites