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La Bodega Miguel Sánchez Ayala was founded in 1789, making it one of the oldest wineries in Sanlucar de Barrameda, the sherry region famed for it’s local specialty – Manzanilla. The winery’s ‘Gabriela’ Manzanilla is named after Gabriela Ortega Feria, a famous 19th century dancer and singer from the area.

Gabriela Manzanilla is an unusual, single vineyard sherry. The wine is made from Palamino grapes grown in the winery’s Las Cañas vineyard in the Balbaina ‘pago’ (similar to a territory). The vineyard and the pago have a long, prestigious history. Indeed, they are both mentioned in the 1898 guidebook ‘A Treatise on Wines,’ which calls the Cañas vineyard one of the ‘most reputed’ in the region.

The fermentation of the top-quality Palimino grapes that Gabriela Manzanilla is made with takes place with native yeasts, before the wine is biologically aged 5 years. This extended aging time allows for a unique depth of flavor. Finally, the wine is very lightly filtered, to preserve the wine’s expressive flavors.

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