piemonte, italy


VARIETAL: 100% Nebbiolo. 20-50 year old vines.

VINEYARD: La Morra, south & south-east exposition.

SOIL: Clay-calcareous, calcareous-siliceous; marl of Sant’Andrea

FARMING METHODS: Certified organic; rows seeded with a variety of plants (beans, peas, mustard, barley, oats) to feed the soil and draw disease and harmful insects away from the vines; hand-harvested in small boxes in October

WINEMAKING: Varietals are pressed and fermented separately according to their individual characteristics. The fermentation is carried out in the traditional style with native yeast only. Daily pumping of the must over the cap for a minimum of 30 days. In the very best vintages the age-old method of punching down of the cap is used for around 40 days. The skins remain submerged in the must as if in infusion so as to extract as much aroma and flavor as possible.

AGING: The wine is then drawn off and transferred into French oak casks holding around 25 hl, where the Barolo matures for 24 months. Finally, the wine is cellared in bottles with natural corks for a further 12 months prior to its release.