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We are located in the Duras region in the Southwest of France, where is a long history of winemaking going back to Roman times.

Our vineyards sits on a limestone plateau covered by layers of gravelly and sandy loess soils, which provide a well-drained environment for the vines. The average vine age is 25 years. The weather conditions are excellent for Sauvignon Blanc, with a strong influence from the Atlantic Ocean and long, sunny summers, tempered by cooling sea breezes.

We strive to preserve our land to provide future generations with fertile soils as well as healthy environment. Our vineyards are sustainably farmed  and certified as such by AgriConfiance in France.  Some of the steps we take are:

•             Alternative crop techniques: soil aeration, reintroduction of predators                 and use of resistant  varieties..
•             Introduction of flowered fallow land to boost biodiversity.
•             Homeopathic treatment of animals
•             Methods involving observation and trapping of pests.
•             Performance of energy consumption diagnostics to reduce the carbon                     footprint.

Sébastien Baptiste is the winemaker crafting this elegant Sauvignon Blanc that "breathes the joy of living ."

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coste motte sauvignon blanc 2016