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domaine les girard du boucou

châteauneuf-du-Pape, France

about domaine les girard du boucou:

As Jacques Girard says, he has wine “in his veins.” The estate has been in the family since the French Revolution, well over 200 years.  As a little boy, Jacques would rise at 4am to work in the vineyards with this grandfather. They would first feed the family horse then get down to business. After phylloxera swept through the region, the vineyards were cleared of the trademark 'galets' (rounded stones) that cover soils in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to sow grains. To restore them, Jacques’ grandfather carried the acres of galets back by hand, bit by bit in a wheelbarrow.

In 2002, Jacques had just accepted an offer on his small business after 20 years as a computer scientist when his father and uncle, André and Robert Girard, announced their plans to sell the family estate. Jacques realized the time had come to return to his roots. He moved home to the family estate and enrolled in winemaking school, where he met a community of winemakers similarly interested in organic farming.

Jacques first converted the 4.5 Ha Estate to certified organic farming methods in 2005, then to biodynamic in 2010 with a certification from Demeter. The soils are made up of Miocene blue-clay, covered with the layer of the galets—the same ones Jacques’ grandfather returned decades ago. The vines are 60-70 years old and are farmed without the use of any chemical fertilizers, weed killers, or insecticides. The grapes are harvested by hand and each bunch undergoes a selection process. Fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts.

In Jacques’ words “The vine was an old dream. I said it would be the end of my career and it will be. I make wines for my father; I do them for myself and for those who love my wines. To work is a crazy thing but…I’m good in my stones.”

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