Electium organic petillant naturel nv

extremadura, spain


VARIETALS: Xarello, Macabeo & a 'touch' of Cabernet Sauvignon

VINEYARD: 1,400 ft altitud; slate soil; extreme climate of cold winters and hot summers

FARMING METHODS: Organic methods; dry-farmed; rows grassed over; all work done by hand (pruning, harvest, etc); biodiversity encouraged through plantings of olive trees, aromatic plants and bushes around vineyard; hand-harvest into 44 lb. boxes

WINEMAKING: Ancestral method, in which primary fermentation is stopped before completion and secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, without the addition of sugar. De-stemmed grapes are not pressed, but placed in tank whole, juice extracted due to their own weight; fermentation with native yeasts; first fermentation about 92 days in stainless steel, second 25-27 days; wines are not fined or filtered; Sulfites 18-20 mg/L

AGING: 9 months on the lees