JUJUY, Argentina


In the northwest of Argentina, Maimara’s winery and vineyards sit at the foothills of the Paleta del Pintor Mountain at an altitude of 8,202 feet. It is considered to be the highest altitude winery in the world. This is the only winery inside of the Humaguaca Creek, which is a unique location, declared by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage Site in 2003."

"The luminosity in this region is among the highest in the world. There is stark contrast between day and night temperatures, scant rainfall, and a long and cool fall season. These conditions allow the grapes to reach optimum ripeness with high concentrations of flavor, aroma, and color while keeping their freshness. The unique, high altitude microclimate joined together with the special soils produce extremely unique wines with very special personality."

"The winery has worked hard to recover ancestral farming practices and respect the environment and its energy cycles. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used and all the vineyard work and harvest is done by hand."

"Marcos Etchart, from Yacochuya, is the wine maker behind these wines. Fermentation occurs spontaneously with only the estate's native yeasts. Work at the winery is done by gravity. Only 1,000 cases or less are produced each year."

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