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Haciendas Bio is located in the town of Villanneva de la Serena, in south-western Spain, near the Portuguese border. The winery is a collaboration between two young friends, Juan Sojo and Ángel Luis González. The friends are committed to using biodynamic and sustainable practices to make wines, often from varietals native to their region.

The Haciendas Bio vineyards are planted in slate soil at altitudes of 1,400 feet. The climate is extreme, with cold winters and hot summers. Ángel oversees the vineyards, which are dry farmed using certified organic methods and are in the process of being converted to biodynamic principles.

Biodiversity is encouraged in the vineyards, with grassed rows and plantings of olive trees, aromatic plants and bushes around the vineyard. All work on the vines is done by hand, including pruning and harvest into small containers.

Juan is the winemaking partner of the team. He uses the 'ancestral method' to make their Petillant Naturel, the oldest known method for the creation of sparking wine. At Haciendas Bio, the grapes are de-stemmed and the first fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts. The fermentation lasts 92 days in stainless steel, then is stopped before completion. The wine is then disgorged by hand and a secondary fermentation takes place naturally in the bottle, with no sugar added, for 25-27 days. Finally, the wine is aged on the lees for 9 months.

The wine is not fined or filtered and the final sulfite levels are only 18-20 mg/L.