pinot gris 'mea culpa' 2017

podravje, slovenia


VARIETAL: 100% Estate Pinot Gris

CLIMATE: Continental with Alpine influences

VINEYARD: 25-30 year old vines; slopes of 20-30%, with southern exposure to the Drava River Valley; soils are sandy clay over marl and lime sandstone

FARMING: Native grass ground cover; vines trained for optimal sun exposure; grapes hand-harvested

WINEMAKING: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks

TASTING NOTES: Gentle lemon yellow color. The nose is fragrant with ripe, juicy aromas of yellow apple. Fuller bodied with balanced acidity and flavors of pears, oranges, lemons and a touch of pepper. Long finish with a hint of spice.

ABOUT THE NAME: 'Mea Culpa', meaning 'My Fault', accompanied by his fingerprint on the label, is winemaker Franci Cvetka's playful way of taking responsibility and ideally credit for his wines.