Ricitos De Oro

Navarra, Spain

About Ricitos de Oro

Ricitos de Oro means “Goldilocks.” This winery was established in San Martín de Unx, Navarra, in 1914. Vines have been grown on the land since the Medieval Age. Many of the vines found today are more than 100 years old. The chalky soils that make up the vineyards help to retain water, allowing all of the vines to be dry-farmed.

The vineyard enjoys an exceptional location marked by the confluence of Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean climates. The proximity of the Bay of Biscay, the influence of the Pyrenees, and the temperate influence of the Ebro Valley are all key factors in giving this land its unique microclimate, perfect in which to create elegant, balanced and fresh wines.


Ricitos De Oro White GARNACHA 2017