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APPELLATION: Roso de Montalcino

VINEYARDS: Between Sant' Angelo in Colle and Castenuovo dell'Abate, on a plateau facing Val d'Orcia and Mount Amiata.

VARIETALS: Sangiovese (Brunello di Montalcino)

FARMING: Certified organic, biodynamic principles used.

PLOUGHING: The soil cover is maintained. Annual ploughing.

SOILS: Blend of granite and slate, very mineral

WEATHER: Mediterranean

VINES: +30 year old vines. Traditional Trellis.

HARVEST: Entirely made by hand in small crates on the 2nd half of September


FERMENTATION: With the native yeasts from the Estate in Small stainless steel tanks

TREATMENTS: No chaptalization and acidification at all. The idea is to stay natural as much as possible.

PRESSING: Traditional.


OAK BARREL AGING: 10 months in large oak vats & barrels and cement tanks.

FINING/ FILTRATION: The wine is allowed to settle naturally by gravity and is only minimally fined or filtered.

SULFUR: Minimum

PHILOSOPHY: We believe that the best wines are born in the vineyard.


TASTING NOTES: Brilliant ruby red color. Aromas of wild berries with elegant spicy notes. Continued flavors of berries with a dynamic palate and extended finish.