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Sylvain et christophe

bordeaux, France

Sylvain Destrieux and Christophe Rebillou are two friends with a fresh take on Bordeaux. Even before meeting, their paths followed a parallel trajectory: both grew up on family farms in Bordeaux, went out into the world to pursue careers in wine, then returned home to apply the lessons they had learned to their family vineyards.

Sylvain worked for seven years on a property in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, while Christophe worked in the US for two years. Upon their return, they each began to convert their family Estates to organic farming methods. They met through an association of young farmers in 2014 and quickly recognized their shared values and backgrounds. In the summer of 2015, they formed a partnership and ‘Sylvain et Christophe’ was born.

Sylvain and Christophe's individual, independent spirits are clearly present in their wines. They take pleasure in questioning received wisdom and tradition, remaining always curious, imaginative and experimental. The result is wines anchored in the formidable history of the famed region, while looking forward with a fresh, young perspective – expressive, delicate, and always original.

Their Château Grenet is certified organic, while the Petit Grenet is in the process of becoming certified. The winery as a whole is in the process of converting to biodynamic farming practices. The vineyards are clay and limestone, with some chalk. Their vineyards are dry farmed and rows are grassed over. Biodiversity is encouraged with green manure and hedges planted around parcels. Pruning and spring maintenance is done by hand. 

They use a completely vegan winemaking process. Spontaneous fermentation occurs with native yeasts. Fermentation occurs for 10-15 days, before the wines are aged in concrete tanks on the lees. Finally, the wines undergo very light filtration before bottling. Sulfite levels are only 70 mg/L.


le petit grenet

château grenet