VICTUS - The biggest loser of all of Slovenia's wines

CLIMATE: Continental with Alpine influences

VINEYARD: 25-30 year old vines; slopes of 20-30%, with southern exposure to the Drava River Valley; soils are sandy clay over marl and lime sandstone

FARMING: Native grass ground cover; vines trained for optimal sun exposure; grapes hand-harvested

WINEMAKING: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks

ABOUT THE NAME: Victus was not born because of the wine itself. Rather, it’s mission is a message. A message for those who enjoy the company of wine as well as those who don’t. Its call is a dare and it is meant for all of us.

Why else would a wine choose such a name: vile, despicable, feeble, but challenging as well? The Slovene translation of the Latin word Victus is “zguba” – “loser” in English.

The Victus wine is a rebel who jokingly detests himself. To keep up with the cruel, sad times in which we live or to take a stand against them? Maybe both. Time will tell.