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The Cámbrico vineyards are located on the granitic terraces of the mountainous Sierra de Francia Natural Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Salamanca, western Spain. The region has been home to vineyards for centuries, though 85% are now abandoned, due to depopulation and the difficulty of cultivating the mountainous terrain. In 2000, the founders of Cámbrico purchased 130 small plots of abandoned vineyards, saving many old vines, some up to 110 years old. 

The winery is devoted to preserving the natural ecosystem of this beautiful place. They are certified organic and follow biodynamic practices. At Cámbrico, they encourage and revel in the flora and fauna that live in and around their vineyards. The native flora includes their vines, as they grow only native varietals, including Rufete and Tempranillo. The vineyards are planted on centuries-old mountainside plots, at elevations of 2,300-2,625 feet and are plowed by horse and harvested by hand. The vineyards are dry farmed and no chemicals are used (pesticides, fertilizers, additives, etc).

The Cámbrico winery is specially designed to vinify small, separate quantities of grapes produced by each of their unique plots. No pumps are used, the grapes and wine are all moved entirely by gravity. The winery employs spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts from the estate and the wines are very minimally fined or filtered. No winemaking additives are used and sulfite levels are ≤50 mg/L. The winery is built half buried in the mountainside, which affords it excellent natural insulation while blending seamlessly with its picturesque surroundings.  

You can see the beautiful vineyards and watch some of the hard, careful work that goes into maintaining them in this video

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