92 Points for Cicchitt's Gran Reserva Malbec!

Exciting news - our Cicchitti Gran Reserva Malbec receives a 92 point rating in the current issue of Wine & Spirits Magazine! They describe it as a "rich red that flows with perfect ease," that is "generous in fresh fruit, soft in texture and has enough grip." Read the full review below.

They recommend enjoying it with beef empanadas, which would certainly be delicious. You could also uncork it with mushroom and sausage pasta, barbecue, lean meats, or cumin seasoned dishes. Or cellar it for a special occasion. 

To learn more about this beautiful, family owned winery, go to their page.


"Balanced between sweetness and freshness, this takes on Malbec's friendly and approachable role as a rich red that flows with perfect ease. It's generous in fresh fruit, soft in texture, and has enough grip to serve with beef empanadas. The Cicchitti family farms the fruit for this Malbec on 30-year-old vines in Tupungato."

- Wine & Spirits Magazine, May 2015