Don't Make White Wines Wait for Spring says Randy Fuller

Randy Fuller of Now and Zin recently tried our Las Lilas Vinho Verde. According to Randy (and we agree wholeheartedly) this wine is too delicious to leave for spring! Below is an excerpt from his review:

Las Lilas Hi_Res.jpg

"The Las Lilas Vinho Verde - a pale, white wine - pours up frizzante, with a slight bit of bubble action showing on the sides of the glass. Pleasant aromas of white peaches and nectarines are the first above the rim, while the scent of grapefruit kicks its way through the mellow to liven up the joint. On the palate, there is a nice citrus play, with orange, lemon and lime peel figuring into it. That grapefruit angle is a bit more subdued on the tongue than is in the nose, but still adds freshness to the overall sensation.

The wine finishes without extreme tartness but the memory fades fairly quickly. Its crisp acidity and refreshing zing combine to make it a great match for a shrimp salad or a ham and cheese sandwich. It's a great wine for spring or summer, but you shouldn't feel compelled to save it for then. Pair it with potato soup or clam chowder right now!"

-Randy Fuller