90's for Lunar Apogé's CDR & Lirac Red from Wine & Spirits Magazine

Lunar Apogé’s Côtes du Rhône and Lirac Red scored high marks with Wine & Spirits Magazine recently! Each earned 90 points - the CDR was noteworthy for its “vibrancy…seeming to radiate energy,” while the Lirac was “bold and juicy, a riot of wild cherry, spice and floral flavors.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

You can learn more about this pioneering, biodynamic winery on their webpage. For the complete reviews, please read below. Cheers!

CDR: "This wins on vibrancy, the wine seeming to radiate energy with its glowing red fruit. A blend of grenache, syrah, mourvèdre and cinsault, all of which Christian Leperchois farms under biodynamics, this holds its freshness for days after opening, the red berry fruit tangy, spicy and clean."

Lirac: "From the 37 acres Christian Leperchois farms under biodynamics in Lirac, this is bold and juicy, a riot of wild cherry, spice and floral flavors, with a hint of sweaty animal in its midst. Its energy is invigorating, and inviting when there’s a roast leg of lamb on the table."