New Shipment from DeMuller Vermouths!

Earlier this month, we received a shipment from Spain that included DeMuller Vermouths, an award-winner producer in Catalonia. Flavored with a secret recipe that includes over 150 botanicals, these fortified wines can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or in cocktails. 

DeMuller Vermouths have been made using the same recipe since their founding, almost 70 years ago. Over 150 botanicals are used, many of which are native to the winery’s Mediterranean setting. Today, their winemaker is Gemma Martinez. 

The winery is located in Reus, near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia. Reus is considered the epicenter of Spanish vermouth and DeMuller is historically regarded as one of the top producers in the area. Their wines are made with a base of white wine, infused with 150 botanicals. Highly guarded, the recipe includes cinnamon, orange peel, chamomile, rosemary, ginger, oregano & vanilla. The wine is then fortified with Melazas, a liquor made from molasses, and lightly sweetened.

While delicious in a mixed drink, DeMuller Vermouths are traditionally enjoyed neat, on ice or with soda. Depending on the type of wine, they are customarily served either with an orange slice, lemon twist or olive for garnish.