World-Class Ribeiro Whites!

In 2014, Hector and Pablo Durigutti acquired nine hectares of old vineyards in the tiny village of As Bouzas in Ribeiro, in northwestern Spain. Italian winemaker Attilio Pagli and local vine grower Francisco Cernadas joined the project. In As Bouzas, the Miño River cuts through the valley, creating steep slopes where the vines are planted on small terraces.

Only native varietals are grown: Treixadura, Godello, Loureiro and Albarino. The vines are very old, most planted in the 1970s. The ocean and continental influences allows the grapes to fully ripen and develop a unique aromatic complexity. The soils of the region consist of granite, clay and slate, providing excellent structure.

The wines are fermented and aged in 4 Italian clay cocciopestos (1000, 1700 and x2 3000 liters). This allows partial breathability without imparting any flavor on the wine. What you're left with is wildly complex wines with endlessly delicate nuances.

Castelo das Pedras makes two "village" white wines, both driven by Treixadura. Both wines can easily be on any ranking of the Top 10 White Wines in Galicia. Make sure you contact us before it's gone!