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3rd generation vigneron Francesco Dissegna runs his family Estate. He is proud to continue and forward the work and commitment made by his father and grandfather. The family farm was founded in 1925 by grandfather Antonio and Francesco’s father Giovanni took over management of the Estate in the 1950's.

One of the most enduring lessons Francesco learned from his father was the importance of respecting nature and following its rhythms: “He taught me that the vine is like a mother and every wine is its creation, with a well-defined personality that reflects the originality of the territory.” In accordance with this inherited regard for nature, Francesco converted his farming to organic practices in 1998, a decision he refers to as “a choice of life and work.”

The Dissegna family vines are planted in calcareous clay soils and enjoy a climate influenced by the nearby Adriatic Sea. In the vineyards, no herbicides or pesticides are used. The use of green manure and plant-based products maintains and enriches the health of the soil, leading to vines that are more resilient in the face of disease or drought. In the cellar, vinification takes place with native yeasts. Francesco’s commitment to the natural world has gone beyond his farming and winemaking practices – in 2010 he converted the Estate to being run entirely on solar power, lowering their environmental impact to close to zero.

It is Francesco’s hope that his young daughter, Maddalena will be the next in line to shepherd the family farm. Today, she follows him through the vineyard, taking joy in the discovery of the multitude of species of insects that call the healthy ecosystem home. Her favorites are the ladybugs. This simple pleasure makes the work worthwhile for Francesco. In his words, “It is a demanding and tiring job, a daily challenge, but I am strongly convinced of my choices because they give me great satisfaction and make me proud in the eyes of my daughter and her ladybugs.”