About kalls

The winery was founded in 1902 and bears the insignia of the Lion of Kallstadt. The winery focuses on traditional craftsmanship and innovative development to create mineral rich wines of exceptional character.

The vineyards are protected by the Palatinate Forest and ancient Kallstadt Quarries and thrive in thousands of years old lime-marl, passing through soil structures of sand, loess, clay and gravel. Both wines are Estate grown in Kallstadt, with the Riesling Kabinett made from grapes from the "Steinacker" vineyard, and the Kalls Red from the "Kobnert" vineyard. 

The grapes are harvested cautiously to prevent damage. They then undergo a gentle, cool fermentation and are cellared in oxidation-proof stainless steel tanks.

The resulting wines clearly reflect their origins and are distinguished by a great harmony between elegance, body and rich extracts.

Available wines

kalls Riesling Kabinett "Steinacker"

kalls red "Kobnert"