La Ardilla

Valencia, Spain

About La Ardilla:

The La Ardilla winery was founded over a century ago, in 1918. The winery is located in the town of Cheste, just west of Valencia. Their winemaker, Fernando Tarin is a native of the town and has been with the winery since 1989, nearly 30 years. 

Fernando has deep roots in the wine world. He is a 3rd generation winemaker on his father’s side and his mother’s family also worked in the wine business. Fernando and his brothers still enjoy tending their ancestral family vineyards in their spare time. Indeed, wine is so central to the family that his baptismal pacifier was dipped in Cava, a tradition he continued with his two children and godson.

After studying winemaking in France, Fernando was thrilled to have the opportunity to return to his hometown to devote himself to making wine at this historic winery. 

The La Ardilla vineyards enjoy an ideal microclimate, thanks to their 700 foot elevation and 20 mile proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breezes are particularly beneficial, cooling the vineyards. The result of the fruit grown in these conditions, in concert with a winemaker who innately understands the region and it’s grapes, is La Ardilla - a fun wine with explosive flavors. It is made with Muscat of Alexandria, one of the most iconic grapes of this Mediterranean region.

Available wines:

La Ardilla Moscato de Valencia