Semaphore 7

Alentejo, Portugal

About Semaphore 7

Semaphore 7 is made in the Alentejo region of southern Portugal. The winery is committed to environmentally responsible practices. Their land is divided between vineyards, cork forests and areas used for the breeding and conservation of native species. One such species is the Merino sheep, which graze among the vines during the winter months, replacing herbicide. 

During the summer, the sheep feed on the underbrush in the cork forests Semaphore 7 has planted, reducing the risk of fire. Cork trees play an important role in the ecosystem in Alentejo. They are critical in supporting biodiversity and absorb large amounts of carbon. Semaphore 7 has planted 50,000 trees in the last 20 years. 

A continental climate characterized by warm summers and cold winters contributes to the reputation of this region for its red indigenous blends. This variation contributes to wines that display a mix of structure and freshness. 


Available wines:

Semaphore 7

Semaphore 7 Reserva