spatzi furmint 2018

tokaj, hungary

SPATZI Front Label.jpg



VINEYARDS: South West of the town of Tokaj, in a triangle made by the remnants of three volcanoes: Sátoraljaújhely, Abaújszántó and Tokaj.

VARIETALS: Furmint 100%

FARMING: Sustainable as defined and controlled by the Council of Tokaj Wines.

PLOWING: The soil cover is maintained. Annual plowing.

SOILS: Rich composition of volcanic and sedimentary rocks (andesite, rhyolite tuff and loess).

WEATHER: Continental weather with a microclimate defined by the elevation and protection from the 3 volcanic remnants and two rivers.

VINES: Vines average 30 years, low & middle head trained

HARVEST: Entirely done by hand in small crates during the 2nd half of September.


FERMENTATION: In stainless steel tanks for 10-12 days.

TREATMENTS: No chaptalization and acidification at all. The idea is to stay natural as much as possible.

PRESSING: Traditional with a ’Kossuth’ pressing machine.

MALOLACTIC: Spontaneous, if any.

LEES: Approx. 4 months lees contact


FINING/ FILTRATION: The wine is allowed to settle naturally by gravity and is only minimally fined or filtered.

WINEMAKER: Györk Firmanszky, our winemaker, is a singer in his free time. His songs are very local, singing about the life and beauties of the Tokaj.

PHILOSOPHY: We believe that high quality wine is born in the vineyard.

TASTING NOTES: Spatzi is dry, fresh, delicate and elegant with balanced zesty citrus fruit aromas. Some food recommendations can be pasta or meat dishes like creamy salmon pasta or crispy roast pork tenderloin served with mushroom sauce and apple. Cheers! Egészségedre!