Our Visit to Argentina


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we were fortunate to visit with all of our wine producers in Argentina. Visiting each family winery, Ciccchitti, Melipal, Machiori and Barraud, Durigutti, Ricominciare and Alto3, was a special experience.  We are proud to work with these crafts men and women, and are happy to be able to show a glimpse of their life’s work here.


Bodegas Cicchitti

We have been working with this winery for 8 years, each year having the wonderful opportunity to spend time with the whole family. Pepe, the patriarch and winemaker of the family, balances a willingness to try innovative techniques with the family traditions passed on to him by his grandfather who was originally from Italy. Cicchitti maintains a commitment to “vinos pensados”, wines created mindfully. They are making wines for the long run, for the next generation, and we hope to continue to support this wonderful effort.

Spending Time With The Cicchitti Family

Spending Time With The Cicchitti Family

Pepe (Jose) and his wife, Sylvia, currently run the winery leading their family team and training the next generation. They live not far from the winery with their 4 children, Jose, Ignacio, Augustin, and Mercedes. Jose is the oldest, and is learning the ropes of eonology after completing a degree in business from University. 

It was our privilege to see the work of Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud in their vineyard in Lujan De Cuyo. Their vineyards sprawl over several plots, with the Andes Mountains setting an amazing backdrop.  They work with old Malbec vines to create some amazing wines. 


During our trip, they opened their home to us where we explored an onsite “zoo” where they raise chickens, a cow, llamas, goats, sheep, and horses. We shared the afternoon with their three lovely daughters while Luis prepared a roast of baby goat for dinner. 

Familia Durrigutti

The Aguijon De Abeja brand, by winemaker brothers Hector and Pablo Durrigutti, is relatively new to our portfolio and this was our first visit to the winery. We felt very fortunate to spend time speaking with Hector and Pablo, who are extremely dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy. These brothers trained with the best wineries in the world and have a wealth of winemaking experience as well as talent. They started off with literally only a few barrels but since have since built a beautiful winery to create unique wines using grapes from as far away as Salta and Patagonia. During our visit we enjoyed the fantastic setting of their impeccably  maintained vineyards. 

We also enjoyed a traditional asado (roast) that the winery prepares for its staff each week!