About aguijón de abeja:

Hector and Pablo Durigutti are the winemakers behind the Aguijón de Abeja wines. Their backgrounds are quite complementary: Hector started at Alto Las Hormigas at the age of 15 and has completed 25 projects at various well known wineries, learning old world techniques and agriculture. Pablo started at La Rural, a winery now owned by Catena, and honed new world viticultural practices.

The brothers started with only 3000 bottles in 2002 and production has grown steadily.

The grapes in the Durigutti brothers' wines are organically grown and hand-harvested. Fermentation takes place with native yeasts, no winemaking additives are used and the wines are not fined or filtered. Sulfite levels are only 25-30 mg/L. 

The wines showcase generous New World fruit with Old World elegance. This delicate balance is a trademark of the Durigutti brothers, two of the most well known young winemakers in Argentina right now.

Wines Available

Aguijón de Abeja Malbec Patagonia

Aguijón de Abeja Cabernet Sauvignon Salta

aguijón de abeja bonarda catamarca

aguijón de abeja cabernet franc

Aguijón de Abeja Malbec Reserva Patagonia