vignoble denis

anjou, france

about vignoble denis

Founded in 1930 by Jules-Emile Denis, the Estate has spent 4 generations under the care of the Denis family. The vineyards have a variety of soil types and microclimates, which the family has taken into careful consideration when selecting the varietal for each plot. Today, the vineyards and winery are under the care of Jules-Emile’s three great-grandsons – brothers Stéphane and Julien and cousin Vincent.

The family’s motto is ‘quality and respect for life.’ As such, they not only pay close attention to the interplay between the soil and vine, but also to the care and maintenance of those soils. They are committed to both the short-term production of quality wines and the long-term health of the land. They avoid the use of chemical treatments and use environmentally friendly practices, such as grassing over the vine rows or working the soil, to avoid the use of weed killer.

Each parcel is carefully tended throughout the year, according to its unique exposure, altitude, top and sub-soils and the microclimate. The yields are kept low with a thinning at the beginning of summer. At the end of the season, the grapes are carefully harvested and transported to the winery, where they undergo a thorough sorting process, selecting for the best fruit.

The results of this meticulous, year round care, are wines that are an excellent expression of the vineyards, vines and family who carefully tend them.

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anjou chenin Blanc

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