a. camporeale

sicilia, italy

About A. camporeale

A. Camporeale was founded nearly 20 years ago near the tiny town of Camporeale, 20 miles southwest of Palermo. The winery is devoted to organic agriculture, biodiversity and local social engagement. 

The winery operates under a "Charter for Biodiversity," believing that "A monoculture, even if organic is always negative." The vineyards are integrated with other crops, such as olives, figs and pomegranates and are located near natural areas. Their goal is for their vineyards to be "beautiful and healthy places in which to work and live in harmony and balance."

The vineyards are located on the windy hillsides outside of Camporeale at 1,000-1,650 feet altitude. The vines are organically and dry farmed, with the vineyards grassed over and never plowed. No chemicals are used (pesticides, fertilizers, additives, etc). The harvest is done by hand into 30-pound boxes and carefully delivered to the winery to avoid loss of juice due to crushing. 

The wines are made with minimal interventions. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts are used to more fully express the characteristic of each individual vineyard. No winemaking additives are used and almost no fining is done. Sulfites ≤35 mg/L.

A. Camporeale is also devoted to contributing to their local community. They work in conjunction with a Salesian ministry which runs 'Open Arms Community', which supports unaccompanied migrant children. The winery runs a program, training and employing the young migrants, to help them settle in to Italian society. The winery was also one of the founding members of 'Adiopizzo,' an association of local businesses that is dedicated to resisting the local mafia by refusing to pay extortion money. 

available Wines:

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