Make Your Gifting Bright

The holiday season is well underway – lights are up on shrubs, gables and fire escapes, department store windows are dressed to the nines and party invites are flooding in. 

Of course, all of this means that the pressure is on to finish up (or start!) your holiday shopping. This won't come as a surprise, but we at The Artisan Collection are firm believers in the gift that keeps on giving – WINE! 

Have no fear, we've put together a quick roundup of suggestions for even the toughest person on your list. And please, if you you’ve still got someone who’s stumping you – write us a message in the comments section! 


The Resident Sweet Tooth - Bodegas Robles Organic Piedra Luenga PX

We are so pleased to have added Bodegas Robles to our portfolio this year. This fourth generation Montilla-Moriles winery is the only one in the world to offer a full line of fortified wines, from Fino to PX. The Piedra Luenga organic PX is a beautiful deep amber with a light, floral sweetness and is absolutely heavenly with blue cheese. The elegantly etched glass bottle makes it even more of a treat.






This one won’t be joining us until 2016, but boy is it worth the wait. (And gift certificates fit so neatly into stockings!) Recently named “Best Vermouth in Catalonia” and given a gold medal by the Vinari Awards, this wine’s secret recipe includes 150 herbs and spices and spends a year aging in oak barrels. Even more exciting, this is one of very few Spanish Vermouths currently available in the USA. And who doesn’t enjoy being able to say they “tried it first”? 

The Beer Lover - our Sidras

Fourth generation cider maker, Aitor Bereziartua, demonstrates his escanciar technique.

Fourth generation cider maker, Aitor Bereziartua, demonstrates his escanciar technique.

We offer two delicious Spanish natural ciders – Ramos del Valle from Asturias and Bere Aran from the Basque region. Dry and delicious, these Sidras both pair beautifully with food (even Martha Stewart Living agrees). Their effervescence is caused by a pouring method called "escanciar" in which the cider is poured in small quantities from high above a wide-mouthed glass. With a little practice, we're sure this can be your favorite beer lover's big party trick for this holiday season.


Something to Celebrate? - Gran Gesta Brut Reserva

Gran Gesta Brut.jpg


To be clear, we categorize just about any accomplishment as "something to Celebrate," including making it through your week! Cava is made using the "Methode Traditionelle Champenoise," the same method used to make that most famous of sparkling wines, Champagne. Gran Gesta Brut Reserva is made from the top 5% of the fruit from the vineyard and only native yeasts are used for fermentation. All of this leads to fine bubbles that pair well with any occasion. So go ahead, give that special someone a cork to pop for whatever celebration life brings their way!