Cara Sucia is a return to the land that gave birth to the Durigutti brothers- the family origins where they spent their childhood with many happy memories. As a new wine that is perspective of native varietals, Pablo and Hector aim for it to be a journey back in time for its consumers. They support the local growers who proudly maintain the vineyards and traditional practices of this historic winemaking region in the face of aggressive urbanization.

This fresh red wine is made with grapes from a historic vineyard planted in 1940 in Santa María de Oro, Rivadavia. Hector and Pablo farm these vineyards organically and the grapes are hand harvested into small containers. The whole grape fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts and takes place in concrete eggs.

The Durigutti family feels a strong commitment to reclaiming the traditions of this celebrated winemaking area and becoming the interpreters of its exclusive terroir. The resulting wine is entirely unique with nice tannins, fresh acidity and aromas that combine red fruits as strawberries, roses and mountain herbs.