Las Compuertas Project

Las compuertas, Argentina

about las compuertas project:

‘Proyecto las Compuertas’ (The Compuertas Project) began in 2007, when brothers Pablo and Hector Durigutti purchased 5 Ha of old vine Malbec vineyards in Las Compuertas, Mendoza, steps from their winery. The estate now goes by the name of ‘Finca Victoria’, after Hector and Pablo’s mother. With Las Compuertas Project, Pablo and Hector aim to support the local growers who proudly maintain the vineyards and traditional practices of this historic winemaking region in the face of aggressive urbanization.

At 3,500 feet altitude, Las Compuertas has some of the coldest weather in the region and features significant soil diversity. At the outset of The Compuertas Project, Pablo and Hector had a precise analysis done of their vineyards, identifying 5 distinct soil types. They have carefully adjusted their care of the vines accordingly, coaxing the best grapes out of the 75-104 year old vines. Two of the three wines from Las Compuertas (the Malbec 5 Suelos and Malbec 1914) are made with grapes from centennial vines, planted in 1914, while the vines for the third (Criolla Parral) date back to 1943.

Hector and Pablo farm their historic vineyards organically and the grapes are hand harvested into small containers. The whole grape fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts and takes place in concrete eggs for the ‘Malbec 5 Suelos’ and ‘Criolla Parral’ wines and 2,000 L fudres for the ‘Malbec 1914’.

Pablo and Hector call Las Compuertas home, living and raising their families here. The Compuertas Project is their way of giving back to the region. As Pablo explains, “We set out to become a part of Las Compuertas…We feel a strong commitment to reclaiming the traditions of this historic wine-making area and becoming the interpreters of this unique terroir.” The resulting wines are entirely unique and elegant representatives of the best this storied region has to offer.