6 Holiday Cocktails to Make Your Party Bright

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Tis the season for PARTIES! And with parties come COCKTAILS! “A cocktail post from a wine importing company?!” you say? Well, take another look at our portfolio and you’ll realize that we actually have a great lineup of options that will have your guests asking for more (and the recipe).

The best part of taking your cocktail cues from a wine company? Most of these recipes have lower alcohol content, which means you can enjoy and still keep up with refilling the canapés.

Many of these are also batch-able, meaning you can make a lot at once, then sit back and enjoy your party. Cheers!

1) The Adonis

We found this classic on The Straight Up. It’s from the late 1800s, when cocktails were having their first big wave of popularity. Named after the first Broadway musical to run for more than 500 performances, it’s low alcohol level and clean flavors make it great as a before dinner drink…or to sip all night…

In our version, the dryness of Bodegas Robles' Organic Piedra Luenga Fino plays off nicely against the light, layered sweetness of the Iris Vermouth Dorado.

Here's what you'll need:


For instructions, head over to The Straight Up, where you can also read more of the story behind the drink (and see quite a nice pair of 19th century legs).


To batch this cocktail, simply pour 12 oz each of the Fino and Vermouth into a clean, reseal-able 750 milliliter glass bottle and add 16 dashes of orange bitters. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

*You can also experiment with the Piedra Luenga Organic Oloroso or Iris Blanco and Rojo

2) Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

This recipe is from Sue over at The View from Great Island and it’s brilliant. Simply combine your ingredients in a crock pot an hour or so before your party, set on low until the wine simmers, then switch to ‘keep warm’ and leave it.

Here’s a shopping list, including the star of the show, Primmo Malbec Magnum.

  • Cardamom pods
  • Vanilla bean
  • Fresh nutmeg
  • Cranberry juice
  • Whole cranberries
  • Fresh Rosemary

Head over to The View from Great Island for proportions and instructions –don't forget to multiply the ingredients by two, to make with our handy 1.5 Liter Primmo Malbec.

3) Sidra Ponche

Imbibe Magazine found this elegant Sidra cocktail at Bar Casa Vale in Portland, OR. Created by Daniel Parker Guidry, the slight sweetness of brandy, balanced with the fresh Piedra Luengo Organic Fino and lightly tart, earthy Bere Aran Natural Cider will have your guests asking for more. Get your shaker ready!


Head on over to Imbibe for assembly instructions!

4) Negroni Sbagliato

For those of you who can’t let go of your Negronis (don’t worry, we’re with you), here’s a festive version! Translating roughly as ‘Bungled Negroni’ (is there any such thing??), this twist on the classic comes to us thanks to Michael Dietsch at Serious Eats. Simply swap Forchir Prosecco in for the gin in your Negroni and get partying.

Here’s your shopping list, for construction instructions, head over to Serious Eats!



*To scale this drink up for a crowd, simply mix up a bigger batch of Vermouth and Campari, chill, pour 3 ounces of the mixture into each flute and top with Prosecco!*

5) Under the Mistletoe Punch

Up your Punch game with this beauty from Epicurious. With our Piedra Luenga Organic Fino (or Oloroso, depending on your sweetness preference) and Iris Vermouth Blanco as the base, this is another one with a low ABV, allowing you to enjoy while juggling hosting duties. Cheers!



  • Raw Sugar
  • Allspice berries, cracked
  • Whole Cloves
  • Cinnamon Sticks



6) Red (Velvet) Cake

Okay, you caught us, this is not a cocktail. It’s a cake. But it’s a chocolate cake. With WINE! RED WINE! So you can’t really go wrong, right? We found this recipe from pastry chef and author of Brave Tart, Stella Parks, once again on Imbibe. As it turns out, red velvet cake originally got it’s characteristic color from a chemical reaction between the raw cocao and acid…which can be provided with, you guessed it, red wine.

Here’s the ingredients list; head over to Imbibe for the full recipe.

And while this isn’t a cocktail, we do recommend you wash it down with our Amaris Sweet Red or Robles PX.

Whatever type of soirée you throw this winter (including parties of one, on your couch, sporting your best sweatpants), we hope you'll invite one (or more) of these tasty recipes to the party. And may you have warm, wonderful holidays, a happy new year and an ever-full glass! Cheers!